Business Law Firm Lakeville, Minnesota Additional Services

Additional Business Law Services

Face it: It’s tough to do everything on your own. Why not take advantage of an experienced business lawyer who can provide additional counsel for your small business? Betsy Larson Law is here to give your business the boost it needs with my small business legal services.

Advisement on Succession Planning and Change of Control

Succession planning involves transferring ownership and control of a business to new management. I can ensure a smooth legal transition of this process for your business, and advice on proper tactics.

Buying, Selling, or Merger of a Business

I will take on legal advisory role providing guidance while you are buying, selling, or merging your company with another. There are complicated laws and regulations around these transactions, and it is vital to have strategic counsel at your ready.

Advisement on State and Federal Security Laws

Betsy Larson can provide legal counsel regarding matters involving securities and transactions that may pertain to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the New York Stock Exchange, and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, among others.


Non-Profit- including 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Application Filing I can help you establish a nonprofit, corporate entity by the filing of Articles of Incorporation. You may need to do this for liability protection for the officers, directors and other key individuals, among other reasons.

Let’s Get Your Startup Started

Betsy Larson Law has both the financial & estate planning expertise to help the small business owner with my unique talent and background. That’s the difference I provide with our small business legal services. What does that difference mean for you on your small business, retailer, or startup? Let’s find out. Just fill out the contact form at the top of the page, or call or email me today at: 612-356-2870 or to get started.