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Employment Law:

As you grow your small business with employees, ensure the law has your back with my employment law services as a business lawyer. You’ll want to protect your interests, and your employees interests as well. Betsy Larson Law is here to provide the small business legal services that will get your company off the ground and running when you are starting out with new employees.

Employment Agreements

Employment agreements are contracts that establish a legal relationship between an employer and an employee who enter into an employment relationship. You will need these to hire employees.

Employee Termination

When you and your employees sign an employment agreement, your rights and obligations regarding his or her employment will be determined by the terms of the contract. You will want to avoid a breach of contract lawsuits, so I will be happy to carefully construct these documents for you.

Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks are helpful for getting new employees up to speed on everything from dress codes to company culture They can almost be considered an employment contract, as it’s written with precise language and effective disclaimers, which can be your legal shield in the event of a future legal conflict.

Social Media Policy Drafting

Like it or not, social media is here to stay, and most of your employees will likely be on it. Having a social media policy in your employee handbook that establishes rules and guidelines for communicating information relating to the company via social media is a smart idea, and I can help with the creation and language of the policy.

Non-Compete Agreements

I can draft non-compete agreements for you and your employees. Non-compete agreements are contracts in which an employee agrees to avoid or not enter into markets or professions considered competitive with the employer, within a certain amount of reason.

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Betsy Larson Law has both the financial & estate planning expertise to help the small business owner with my unique talent and background. That’s the difference I provide with our small business legal services. What does that difference mean for you on your small business, retailer, or startup? Let’s find out. Just fill out the contact form at the top of the page, or call or email me today at: 612-356-2870 or to get started.