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Young and Successful: Do I Need to Write a Will Now?

Congratulations. You just passed 30 and are really beginning to bring in the bucks with your fabulous new Minneapolis, MN job or business. While working your way up that ladder of life, you probably didn't stop to consider what if it all ended tomorrow? What would happen to everything that you have worked so hard to build?

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Estate Planning: How To Talk To Your Parents

If you're anything like most people with aging parents, just reading the title of this blog post probably made you cringe. Talking to parents about finances is hard no matter what, but talking to parents about what will happen to their money after they pass away? That's downright terrifying. There are a number of reasons that this topic is so often avoided. For parents, perhaps they haven't managed their money as well as they had hoped. They may feel embarrassed to bring up the subject. For adult children, it may feel difficult to bring up estate planning without coming off as greedy or nosy. While these conversations are certainly not easy, they are necessary. Read the tips below for a few ways to make the conversation a little bit less painful.

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Prince Didn't Have a Will, Should You?

When legendary musician and Minnesota resident Prince passed away in May of 2016, his estate was estimated at more than 200 million dollars. Surely, his family was ready to collect on his net worth, right? Unfortunately, Prince did not have even a basic will set up, thus creating a media and legal frenzy that dragged out for more than a year in the courts, and is still on-going until this day. Had Prince sat down with a lawyer and done some estate planning, his family could’ve avoided the headache that came with the fierce legal battle, and been able to capitalize and stabilize his assets after his passing.

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