Moving into a new commercial location can be an exciting time for your business. It’s a time of expansion and growth. But in all of that excitement, don’t forget the importance of carefully negotiating a commercial lease that will benefit your business. Whether you are just getting started in business or simply expanding operations, you need to be sure you are protected in case anything unexpected should arise.


Betsy Larson is a business lawyer who is experienced in negotiating commercial leases and can walk you through the process of negotiating your commercial lease. This helpful guide explains why you need help negotiating your commercial lease and how Betsy can assist you with this process.


Important Commercial Lease Considerations

When it comes time to sit down at the negotiation table, you need to make sure you completely understand the needs of your business. Your current and projected future budgets should be central to this discussion. In the business world, things can change over time, especially if you are just getting started or in a period of transition. Consider why you are moving and make sure the length of your lease is appropriate to the needs of your business. Don’t feel pressured into signing a lease that could create bigger problems for your organization down the road.


How a Business Lawyer Can Help

Bringing a seasoned business attorney to the table can help you make sure the lease will work to protect your best interest. Betsy Larson knows what to expect from the negotiation process because she’s been through it before. She can help you walk away if the deal isn’t right for you or make sure you completely understand the language and requirements of the lease. A business lawyer understands the complexity of legal issues surrounding commercial operations and protects you from making costly mistakes.


An experienced business attorney can walk you through these tricky areas of concern:

●        Conditions of termination

●        Renewal terms

●        Property value

●        Zoning

●        Leasehold improvements

●        Competitor clause


Minnesota Small Business Legal Services

Whether you are experiencing a period of growth and expansion or just kicking off your new independent startup, Betsy Larson can help you make sure you are protected along the way. We understand the importance of having a strong commercial lease in protecting your assets, location, and employees.


Betsy Larson Law Office in Lakeville can help make sure you start off and stay on the right track for a healthy financial future. Contact our office at 612.356.2870, or contact Betsy Larson by email to set up an appointment to discuss your commercial lease.