Workers’ compensation offers medical benefits to those employees that get injured or fall sick because of the jobs they do. It is important to prioritize the health and well-being of your employees. Happy employees tend to be more productive. 


Claims for compensation may turn out to be long and really costly. An employer needs the right legal advisor or a business law firm to get through them and prevent lawsuits. To be fair to employers, there are laws that protect them from employees that may try to unfairly get money from them


Responding to injuries at the workplace

At least 2 million workers get injured at work every year. It is, therefore, important to respond to injuries as well and as fast as possible. The following are a few guidelines:

  • Consult a doctor. Most of the common injuries at work will require treatment. While some of the basic ones may not need urgent medical attention, you may need to call 911 if it is an emergency. Failing to provide medical help could have legal repercussions. It also impacts negatively on the morale of other employees. In cases where there is no need for immediately consulting a doctor, encourage the employee to see a doctor later.
  • Report to the workers’ compensation insurance company. While this may not always be necessary, some employees choose to file a claim. In such instances, it is important to hire a business lawyer, record any evidence of what happened and get the statements of witnesses.
  • Comply with the workers’ compensation attorneys. You are obliged to provide them with whatever documents about the employee they may require. However, you need to beware of fraudsters that may try to take advantage of the situation. Only give details of the employee.
  • Accept your employee back. An employer is expected to maintain professionalism whether or not the claim succeeds. It is legally unacceptable to discriminate, penalize or fire an employee because they filed a claim


Preventing workplace injuries

  • Provide the necessary equipment to keep your employees safe. This involves investing in gloves, helmets, earplugs and whatever else may be needed
  • Educate your employees on workplace safety
  • Conduct employee screening before hiring. This will ensure that you only hire people that are healthy and able to work


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